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Patrice Mayou

Experience:30 years
I am Dr. Patrice Mayou. I've been working as a pshychiatrist for 30 years and I've managed, throughout my carreer, to hone my skills. I'm actually working at "Centre Médical Saint-Ferdinand" in Paris (17th precinct).
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The burn-out syndrome, often misdiagnosed as a mental breakdown, is an increasingly widespread pathology that can affect anybody. It is characterized by a heavy physical and/or mental strain and a growing feeling of despair/ineluctability. As such, medications and pills are not always effective.

Pledged to the well-being and recovery of our patients, we are two colleagues striving for a better recognition of the burn-out syndrome in France and better-suited infrastructures (using rTMS technology).

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Our pledge for your recovery :

  • An expert and professionnal handling of your case ;
  • A safe and backlash-free method (no medication);
  • Cutting-edge technology (American rTMS method) ;
  • A modern and relaxing setting (Cabinet médical Saint-Ferdinand - Paris, 17th precinct).


At Centre Médical du Burn-out, only our team's psychiatrist has the right to prescribre psychotropic medecine. If your burn-out screening is confirmed , a work stoppage and a medical check-up are essential (indeed, the burn-out syndrome has an impact on your whole body).

We are notably qualified to handle your case and will proceed to a psychological and psychiatric assessment in order to substantiate your diagnostic. Our cutting-edge rTMS treatment proved its worth according countless scientific studies. We also offer coaching sessions and support groups to help you throughout your recovery.