Burn-out Test

The burn-out screening must be carried out by health professionnals to be sure that you are (or are not) affected by it.

However, the following test will give you a snapshot of your actual state of health regarding the issue.

Answer to the following questions by "YES" or "NO"

1. At work, for whatever reason, you get the feeling that you're not as productive as usual.

2. You feel that it has become more difficult to express your feelings and/or put words on some events of your daily life. Sometimes, you can even have problems talking about it.

3. You try to cope with your lack of productivity by doing a lot of extra hours and even by bringing back work to your home.

4. Your work has an impact on your sleep and affect you outside of your workspace (weekends, holidays, ...).

5. Work is your main concern even when you're focused on something else (activities, ...).

6. Your feelings are shuffled, you feel sensitive, sometimes on the brink of bursting into laughter/tears.

7. Your family and surrounding friends are worrying about you as you're progressively isolating yourself.

8. You tend to get sick often these past few weeks/months.

9. You try to cope through the use of medecine, alcohol or even drug.

10. You feel abandoned, disillusioned.

11. You neglect more and more your daily tasks.

12. Your attitude toward your hierarchy or colleagus has drastically changed, you care less and less about the work that is given to you.

If you checked "YES" to the first five questions :

You're already affected by the burn-out syndrome. Indeed, the loss of productivity, the fact that your work is becoming an obsession even outside of your work hours coupled to your emotional instability are some worrying signs of burn-out. You're not totally submerged by it but you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible lest your health deteriorate.

If you checked "YES" up to the tenth question :

You show most signs of the burn-out syndrome. Your situation should not be taken lightly and you should seek medical counsel as soon as possible in order to confirm/invalidate the diagnosis.

If you checked "YES" up to the last question

Your health state is particularly worrying and you might begin to develop a self-destructive behavior. Your must absolutely be monitored to limit the impact of your burn-out on yourself and your relatives.

adapted from: France TV Info